Why Buy Instead of Rent In AL? | Tips for Renters and Buyers

People are consistenWhy Buy Instead of Rent in AL?tly moving to Trussville, AL!  And when considering this beautiful community, many ask themselves, "should I buy or rent a home in Trussville?"  With interest rates at record lows and inventory "bouncing" up and down, now may be a perfect opportunity to become a Trussville Home Buyer!  

Perhaps you should ask a qualified Realtor, "Why buy instead of rent in Trussville, AL?"  Here are some Tips for Renters and Buyers.

Pros of Renting:

1.  No risk -- no investment, no potential for loss.

2.  No (or low) maintenance -- the landlord/property owner does most repairs!

3.  No property tax bills . . . no mortgage.

4.  Mobility -- able to move frequently without the effort of selling. 

Pros of Buying/Owning:

1.  Feeling of accomplishment or achievement (status).

2.  Equity build-up . . . hedge against inflation.  ("forced" savings . . . how much are you saving now?)

3.  Tax deductions -- interest and taxes.  (If you're renting, you're paying these anyway for the home owner . . . but you get no deduction!)

4.  You decide what pets, flooring, paint colors, etc. to have!

5.  Stability -- you fix most of your costs -- another hedge against inflation.

6.  The American Dream -- you (probably) have the largest investment of your life!

If you'd like some professional advice on these matters, please call Bonnie Hicks 205-915-7653 for a FREE, no-obligation Home Buyer Consultation.  Find out if buying or renting makes the most sense for you!